Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Today’s Secret Santa is Me. Gifts to me, myself and I.

I love getting things in the mail, don’t you? My wife Audrey probably gets aggravated at how much crap I buy, especially for my Bluray and 4k Disc Collection. But I have cut back, although it doesn’t seem so on days like today.

So I got an email about a week ago regarding these strange black City Connect shirts the Cincinnati Reds were wearing. And I wanted one. I wanted a Jersey, but as those things go, the prices were in the stratosphere, and I couldn’t pull the string on one shirt that ran over a hundred dollars. And that’s without shipping and handling. I was also wary about the sizing because jerseys always seem to run smaller and shrink more. Usually, I compensate for that by going up a size, but that wasn’t possible because they didn’t have one in a larger size.

Cincy ShirtI settled on the T-shirt you see here. It’s the first Red’s shirt I’ve bought in two or three years. I also have a Bengals shirt in my closet, so maybe it’s time to get another one. The most significant decision I have to make is whether or not I want to be buried in one of my monster shirts or a sports shirt. I’ll leave it to my wife to decide.

Some people also have a thing about wearing dead people’s stuff. I’ll have to ask my sons if they do. If I were to die in one of them, wearing it would feel a bit creepy, but other than that, it shouldn’t be. I’ll be able to look down from Jeebus Land and be proud of my kids honoring me by dressing up in one of my unique shirts. My youngest kid will get a kick out of that Jeebus Land bit because we both know how I feel about that.

I also got a new set of DVD’s for my TV Collection. This one is Season Twelve of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Sometimes I wonder why they call it “The Adventures of .”The only adventure I ever recall is Ozzie and his neighbor Thorny going out trying to track down some Tutti Frutti Ice Cream in the middle of the night.

imageI ordered Season 11, but it’s on backorder for some reason. It should be here early next week at the latest. The fact that we even have these discs at all is something of a miracle.

Many of these episodes in the public domain were always released by companies wanting to make a quick buck. They were poorly edited picture quality and blasted scratch, noisy audio. So it was with great shock that we discovered that Seasons One and Two would be released in June last year. And here we are in May of 2023, all the way up to Seasons Eleven and Twelve, with only Seasons 13 and 14 left.

I don’t think many people will appreciate those facts, and probably nobody younger than 50 or even 60 will understand. But the humor in the Ozzie and Harriet shows did not come not from the simple plots; it was the snappy dialog and the give and take between members of the family. And where else could you hear son Rick belting out a tune in every episode in the second half of the series? 

And then there are these two new 4k discs I just got in from Best Buy. They really weren’t on my radar to add to my library, and I already had Blade Runner 2049 4k on the shelf along with The Final Cut in regular Bluray. There was not any particular need to upgrade the latter film. But you can blame my youngest son, who coerced me into making the purchase because they were on sale pretty cheap, which is always a plus.
I’ve also had Inception on my movie shelves since the original Bluray came out. I should have watched it by now but with over 2000 movies, there are only so many hours in the day. I’ve only been retired since March, so I may get it done if I can stay out of the hospital. The odds of me watching Inception soon increased with purchasing the 4k disc. I forgot the argument that convinced me to buy it, but I think the price had much to do with it. I’m always on the lookout for bargains, but even deals can run into a lot of $$$$$$.

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