Saturday, March 6, 2021


Having deleted my Facebook Personal Page permanently, I keep my Clyde’s Alley Public Facebook Page associated with this blog.  Granted, I’ve not exactly set the blogging world on fire with posts recently, but I always hope that more blogging with more in-depth content is just around the corner.  Sure.  But you can catch up on a lot of rants on that linked Facebook page if you’re so inclined, follow it or even ignore it.  Whatever floats your boat.  We are in Uhmer’ca, and you’re still free to do what you want to do.

You can even choose to be a whiny, racist, White Supremacist, a total blooming idiot like my ex-wife and one of my siblings.  They are perfect examples of why I don’t need a personal Facebook page and tossed it aside like so much unneeded garbage.  I feel no inclination to indulge my eldest kid’s mother because she gave birth to our son.  I also no longer feel compelled to overlook the racism and White Supremacy that has infected and inflicted permanent damage to my youngest sister’s brain. It’s a sad thing to see.

Maybe she was always that way, and I  just overlooked it.  She did move to South Carolina some time ago.  It could be that she’s spent so much time with her  Evangelical Cousins.  And there’s her even more idiotic physically oversized but very pea-brained son-in-law to spew his vomit worthy nonsense. 

I had the displeasure to meet Baby Huey at my brother’s funeral a couple of years ago.  One thing I do know is that although they’ve found a vaccination for Covid-19, they can’t seem to find a cure for the brain damage of those who wish to follow along with the Republican Creed of Racism and Stupidity like a large corral of goose-stepping lemmings.

I commenced this particular rant because, having deleted my personal Facebook page, the ex-wife found her way to the above-linked Clyde's Alley page.  She promptly let loose with one of her stupid low brow remarks spawned from the brow of someone whose genes and mindset advertise that they have never given any thought to anything in their life beyond their last joint or the last Budweiser they guzzled into oblivion. 

I was married to the woman for four years and should have known better.  But I was young and incredibly foolish.  Yeah, you can say I was stupid if you want to.  But there was no Facebook or Twitter at that time in which these racist clowns could openly expose themselves.

How she found her way to that page, I don’t know.  I had blocked her from the personal page I deleted and never had any idea that Ms. Ex would pop up again.  Yet there she was.  Heaven helps us if she finds her way to this blog.

Before blocking her from the Clyde’s Stuff Facebook page, I paid a visit to her rantings.  When I initially booted her, I did it for two reasons: Her Stupidity and her nasty personal comments she kept directing at me.  It was like she’s still bitter after 35 years even though I’ve had little or no contact with her since the twelfth day of never.  All this even though she is deeply involved in a lesbian relationship and has been for quite some time.  I sure don’t begrudge her that.

All of that makes her loving relationship with the Republican Party, the party that hates all things gay, bi, or trans, to be vomit-inducing.  I did not realize how deep her loyalty was, not even when I initially blocked her because I didn’t visit her page and didn’t care.  But deep inside, I knew, like most people back in the dumbed-down brainless toilet tank of Scioto County in Ohio, she never had a chance of having a rational thought in her head. 

One of the gems she posted:

What’s most astonishing about this is that she’s a woman who has gained everything she has thanks to Government Handouts. Even when I was paying child support, she never worked and lived in government-subsidized housing. She didn’t hold a job until our son turned 18, and she could no longer get ADC and Food Stamps on his behalf. The government aid she loathes helped her get a cushiony high-paying job, which she held until supposedly hurting her back and had to go on disability, another one of those handouts she loathes so much when they’re for anyone besides herself. Republicans want you to get jobs? No, Republicans want you to remain in poverty, stupid, and racist and to keep voting for them on that basis.

And why in the hell didn’t you get up off your dead ass and work when our kid was growing up? I was working, I wasn’t on a government ride, but the funny thing is I don’t ridicule those who need a helping hand. Not until now because I have nothing but disdain for hypocrites such as yourself who think they’re the only ones deserving.  Everybody else is just some Democrat Hippie looking for handouts.

Newsflash: Most of those on welfare and government subsidies are Republicans who live in the Red States just like you do and then point the finger at everybody else. And you know who pays for your free ride? Those of us in blue states like California, New York, and Massachusetts, among others. Your willful lazy ignorance sickens me.

And by this time, I’m sure you’re gladly picking up your Social Security check. Chances are, before that, you were also on Social Security Disability. But that’s your SSD and not some lazy ass Democratic Party Member. Am I right?

You know, the thing your party of Republican White Supremacy has been trying to get rid of since the beginning of its existence. But as long as you can whine and complain and blame it on minorities, who pay ten times or even more in taxes than you ever have in your life, it’s all good right?

Let’s move on.

And did my Repugnican ex-wife bother to find out who made this price gouging and extortion of Americans possible? Of course not. Why? I don’t think she has ever read a real book or magazine article and can only consider those thoughts implanted in her brain by Fox News or Newsmax.

I have my newsflash for you. The goddamn Republican party you worship as if it was run by God made this extortion possible by removing regulations and increasing corporate handouts. The same Republican party who’d be dancing in the aisles with glee if they were able to remove the protection given to you by Democrats where insurance companies could no longer deny you because of a pre-existing condition. What in the holy hell do you think they’ve (Republicans) have been trying to do for the past four years?

What made this quick visit to my ex’s page even more painful was running across this comment by my sister. Dear old Sis decided to make her place of residence in South Carolina a few years back.  Upon arriving, she promptly stuck her head up the ass of her two idiot Evangelical Cousins and her blubbering son-in-law.  Sis then proceeded to get in line to slobber her gratitude for the racism and White Supremacy of Donald Trump.

There was more, but let’s finish off this bit of nonsense with this post of crapola.  It was when I found out exactly how racist, bigoted, and stupefied my sister had become when she responded to the equal stupidity of my ex.

There is just way too much stupidity in these comments for me to absorb. If these two Neanderthals had their way, we’d all still be riding around in a horse and buggy. Or maybe even saddling up the old mare. They enjoy lining the pockets of super-rich oil companies and utilities with cold hard cash and have no intention of looking into the future any further than the need to invest in a new toilet someday. With this kind of thinking, it wouldn’t surprise me if both of them still make use of an outhouse in the backyard.

It sounds to me that these two are belittling those who work in the Solar Panel industry and those who work on wind turbines as a job beneath someone who can put some metal and steel together to pump oil that will mostly benefit Big Oil. But you know, many people are making real money and working hard in real jobs in those industries you have not one iota of understanding about because you’d have to turn off Tucker Carlson and read a book of intelligence and enlightenment.

And Sis, did you stop for one-half second to realize that the particular pipeline you are talking about would do little in creating jobs once finished? Of course not. And for all their ranting and raving about those damn foreigners, neither one bothered to find out that this particular pipeline would be owned and operated by Canada.

The oil industry has lobbied hard to get KXL built using false claims, political arm-twisting, and big bucks. When TC Energy said the pipeline would create nearly 119,000 jobs, a State Department report instead concluded the project would require fewer than 2,000 two-year construction jobs and that the number of jobs would hover around 35 after construction.

As for the environmental damage, do you think these two Trumpanzees would give a crap about what kind of a world they’ll leave their kids and grandkids? Of course not.

Thanks to the Democrats in Congress, the $1400 stimulus check will soon arrive in their bank accounts. But they’ll still bow down and sing almighty praise to the Republicans who did everything they could to stop it because of Racism and White Supremacist Trump. Did you think they would turn their nose up at that handout with disdain?

Typically, I would not give two cents of thought to my ex-wife, and had she not decided to invade my Clyde’s Alley page, I wouldn’t be on this rant now. I hope it’s the absolute last time I have to deal with her.

If she stumbles her way here to comment, she’ll find that quite frustrating. Nobody but nobody gets a comment through without my approval. As for my youngest sister, unless she suddenly comes to her senses and sees the light, the same thing goes for her. I don’t expect that to happen, though. I’ll be off the planet before it does.

And finally, this was on her page.  And here’s my answer to it.  Yes, I do blame you.  I blame you for supporting and voting for one of the most useless, Racist, White Supremacist, misogynist, raping, thieving cowards to reside in this country, let alone soiling the presidency.  It’ll take years to undo the damage done by him, you, and the Repugnicans who have sought to destroy this democracy.  Fuck all of you. You all make this world lousy.