Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Bye Bye Miss AM Radio Pie

imageMany car manufacturers are doing away with AM Radio in their new Vehicles. Some in Congress are up in arms about it, including some Democrats, and I don’t know why. AM Radio became a vast wasteland of bloviating hot air farts for right-wing talk show hosts keeping their audience dumbed down, stupefied, and bigoted so they can make millions off of their idiocy. Rush Limbaugh is dead in his grave, and they should have buried AM Radio with him.

I had to check and see if my Ford Maverick has AM Radio. It does. But I’ll never use it. I haven’t listened to AM radio in decades. It’s like a home for bad audio and the worst of the worst of humanity.

I imagine there may be some progressive talk show hosts somewhere in major cities. But not where I live, as the populace chews up and regurgitates conservative horseshit as a way of life.

I have well over 3000 MP4 tunes on a USB stick plugged into my truck, and I highly recommend it if your vehicle is capable. It’s the music I like, so what do I need the radio for? I don’t.

I’m not buying the idea that you need AM Radio for an emergency. You can get emergency warnings just about anywhere, including on your phone. Besides, there’s only one thing left to do in a nuclear attack. Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

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