Sunday, June 25, 2023

Mouse Kicks the Ass of Florida’s Ron DeSphincter

I hate it when I have to choose a side between a corporation like Disney, whom I have some problems with, and a corrupt Fascist Dictator Governor such as Ron Adolf DeSphincter (aka Ron DeSantis as right-wing extremist nitwits and bigots refer to him).

The fascist governor dictator will lose every single time. We fought a war to help rid the world of one Nazi, and all these years later, we’re supposed to put up with another one? What the hell is wrong with you people, especially the ones in Florida who think some insane politician should dictate to us how we should live, who we should be, what we should believe, and if we disagree with him, such as Disney did, be subjected to reprisals and absurd revenge for having a mind of our own.

All this Disney/DeSphincter battle started because Adolf Ron got butthurt when Disney dared to call him out on his discriminatory, bigoted, hateful “Don’t Say Gay Law,” his book banning, and his adoption of White Supremacy to the cheers of the Florida crowd, whitewashed since birth.
And now, as word comes that Disney’s popularity stays steady, DeSphincter’s popularity continues to implode like a mini-sub in the Atlantic. Things like this are bound to happen when your dictatorial horse shit costs jobs, causes farming corporations to have to beg migrants to stay and work, causes truckers to boycott your state, and you spend millions on a war against Disney Inc. that you lost as soon as you decided to scratch your itchy snowflake rash in a battle of retribution.

Dare to go up against DeSphincter, and you’ll automatically be labeled a groomer or pedophile as if pasting that label on anybody, and everybody will help you win more converts.

From Florida Politics:

Almost (but not quite) the biggest winner: Disney. New polling shows Disney’s favorability ratings have remained steady since last year’s controversy over Florida’s parental rights bill, while the Governor’s rating has dropped significantly.

The data shows Disney at a +31 favorability rating, almost identical to the +32 for the company in May 2022. DeSantis, meanwhile, sat at -4 in May 2022, but has dropped to a -16 rating in the latest wave of surveys from June 2-5.

Some may quibble about citing data from a left-leaning outlet, and that does warrant a skeptical look. But what’s important are not the specific favorability ratings, but rather the trend. DeSantis is down 12 points from last May, and down 18 points from November 2022, when he was polling competitively with former President Trump in the 2024 GOP Primary. Disney, meanwhile, appears to have mostly weathered the storm in the public’s eye.

The company and the Governor have battled ever since Disney’s former CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against the legislation limiting discussion of LGBTQ issues in Florida’s classrooms. That, of course, triggered a back-and-forth which is still ongoing, both legislatively and in the courts.

But the latest data shows Disney appears to have the upper hand in the court of public opinion.

As if that wasn’t enough, also this from the same page.
Never Back Down, a super PAC raising hundreds of millions of dollars to support his presidential bid, closed the week by accusing this outlet of being “bought and paid for by groomers.”

There’s pretty much no context that could make that remark sound any less ridiculous. But it came in response to FlaPol’s publisher Peter Schorsch jabbing the Governor while posting a picture of his Disney Cruise makes it way more ridiculous.

“Just want to share the door decor from our (Disney cruise) we are embarking on this weekend. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of the cruise line. We booked this cruise to celebrate that anniversary AND to spite (DeSantis’) lunacy with his war on (Disney),” Schorsch wrote.

It’s not the first time the Governor has been criticized for dragging on this battle for Disney for so long (with mediocre results, per those above favorability numbers). It probably won’t be the last. But the fundraising behemoth got so triggered by this its spokes trolls couldn’t help but respond.

“We get it; you’re bought and paid for by the groomers and Trump,” the organization’s official account wrote.

As Maggie Haberman of The New York Times put it, “A presidential super PAC accusing someone of being backed by ‘groomers’ for taking a Disney cruise is where things are.”

If DeSantis’ boosters can’t handle a light jab about a topic that has generated months of criticism (and yes, support from some as well), so much so that they start arguing pedophiles and their political opponent are shadow-boosting a political site, boy are they going to have trouble handling Trump’s vile volleys he’ll be lobbing their way this cycle.

Plus, “bought and paid for by the groomers and Trump”? Come on, we all know Trump never pays for anything.

As Linda Ellerbee might have concluded, “So it goes.”



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