Saturday, May 20, 2023

Things We Did That Today's Crowd Will Never Know The Joy Of

Good or bad, you had to love seeing these full-page ads for movies in the Sunday Paper. Browsing the entertainment section when I was young was my favorite thing to do. There were often full-page ads like this one for Song of Norway or other big bombs like Lost Horizon. I was thoroughly convinced that Lost Horizon was going to be a massive hit.

Speaking of Lost Horizon, here's an ad for its exclusive showing in Dayton, Ohio, at the McCook Theater. Once a showcase for oversized 70 MM Films, it would later become a showcase for porn movies, live nude girls, and sex toys aplenty. Eventually, the city moved to shut it down, and the property was sold at auction and later demolished. When I moved to Dayton for a while in the 80s, I never saw it as anything but a porn haven and didn't know it had been a showcase at one time. You learn something new every day.

Still, I miss those days of browsing the newspaper ads. The internet is a glut of first trailers, second trailers, teasers, and other crap. I guess it serves today's audiences just fine, but it'll never be as much fun as reading the Sunday Newspaper ads for all the movie theaters.

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