Monday, May 29, 2023

Bye bye Netflix. Go screw over the stupid people



After having been a user of Netflix in one way or another for over ten years, I canceled the service yesterday. As of June 3, it will no longer stream in my house, and I’m sure I won’t miss it. It took the latest price increase for me to take action because this shitty greedy move by Netflix made me stop and do some math.
I was on the most expensive plan because if you have a decent home theater, you will want to watch in 4k. Netflix was charging way more than any other service for high-quality streaming, except for YouTube TV or HuluTV, both being nothing more than cable on the internet.
I’ve only watched two shows on Netflix in the past year. The first was Stranger Things which I binge-watched at the urging of my youngest son. And the other one was Wednesday because of the awesome things I’d been hearing about it. It’ll probably be over a year before either series is ready to continue, and even when they do, it’s doubtful I’ll be re-enlisting into the Netflix Army of mesmerized overcharged lemmings again.
My youngest son lived with us for quite a while before heading to the east coast to live. He was on my Netflix plan and had been for many years. So basically, it was my wife and I, along with him, that were using the service, and other than the two series listed above, I was hardly watching at all.
To keep my son on my plan would add another $8.00 to my bill bringing it to just under $30 for the three of us. I finally realized that people who stream Netflix and only have two or three people in the household are the ones taking it on the chin. By that, I mean if Tom and Susie Smith have a large brood because they hate condoms or have granny and grandpappy living with them along with homeless Cousin Eddy and his clan, they’re paying the same $20 for a shitload of people that I have to pay for just my three viewers. And now Netflix wants me to spend another 8 dollars, whereas I’ll be paying much more for that Smith family crowded into some trailer park in Ohio? Screw them.
And, if I hear one more bugger telling me I’m cheap, I think I’ll drive to his house and personally shove a math lesson down his throat. And if another corporate lap licking butt kissing lemming tries to tell me I’m a thief for having my son on there, I may punch him in the nose.
Do you know who the thief is? Those large corrals of families who I’ve been subsidizing with my three users all these years. And Netflix. Netflix is sticking it to many people, but in this country, people are just too stupid to get it.
And by the way, I pay $139 a year for Amazon Prime, and Netflix at $20 a month is $240 a year, and if you add on the extra $8, that’s another $96. For my $139, I get free shipping regardless of what I buy, free streaming music, and at least one free Kindle Book a month if I would like to do so.
So Goodbye Netflix. Take your $8 and shove it up your butt.

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